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Large Moldavite from Chlum, Czech Republic, 16.8g, Old Collection

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Large natural Moldavite from Chlum nad Malší, Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. This gorgeous investment Moldavite is translucent olive green with a splash drop formation and deep grooved texture. Large Moldavite specimens are a rare find. This Moldavite is from an old collection, the piece was first acquired by a Tucson mineral dealer from a Czech Moldavite dealer in the early 2000s at the Tucson Gem Shows. 

  • Impactite: Moldavite
  • Locality: Chlum, Czech Republic
  • Size: 40mm x 34mm
  • Weight: 16.8g
  • Quality: A+ Grade 
  • Condition: Minimal nicks (slight to micro, near flawless).
  • Includes mineral specimen ID card.
  • Display stands sold separately.
  • Authenticity Guaranteed

Moldavite is the only Tektite with a translucent luminous green color. Tektites are a rare natural impactite glass that forms during a meteorite impact. Moldavite formed 14.5 million years ago when a meteorite impacted Earth, creating the 15 mile wide Ries Crater in Germany, the explosive impact blasted this green impactite glass 200-400 kilometers away, into Czech Republic.

Moldavite is unearthed and collected from sandy sedimentary deposits, specimens can often have slight nicks. All of our Moldavite is hand-selected by us in person for best quality with minimal damage. Most of our Moldavite is direct from our Czech suppliers. We also buy old stock, collectors specimens and old collections, which we first verify and authenticate. 

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