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Minerals, Meteorites and Tektites

Libyan Desert Glass, Ancient Gemstone Of The Sahara

Christine Kobzeff Libyan Desert Glass Libyan Desert Glass Metaphysical Libyan Gold Tektite

Libyan Desert Glass, Ancient Gemstone Of The Sahara

Libyan Desert Glass, also known as Libyan Gold Tektite or Libyan Desert Tektite is found in a remote region of the Sahara Desert, in the Great Sand Sea of western Egypt near the border of Libya. These golden gems are scattered over thousands of kilometers, between the Sahara's shifting sand dunes. One could say this natural glassy gem is the lost stone of the Sahara, it was used for jewelry and carvings in ancient Egypt. But it wasn't until 1932 that it was rediscovered by an Egyptian Desert survey expedition sent from Cairo to study unexplored regions of the Great Sand Sea, north of the Gilf Kebir plateau....

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