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Kunzite from Laghman, Afghanistan, 5.8g

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Kunzite from Laghman, Afghanistan. This Kunzite crystal specimen is pastel orchid pink-lavender with prismatic crystal form and translucent gemmy clarity. Includes acrylic mineral display stand and specimen ID card.

Kunzite is the pink to violet gem variety of the mineral Spodumene, its delicate cool orchid pink hues are created by trace amounts of the mineral manganese. Kunzite has a monoclinic bladed crystal structure, it forms in pegmatite deposits, often with Tourmaline, Beryl and other pegmatite gem minerals.

  • Mineral: Kunzite
  • Locality: Afghanistan
  • Size: 32mm length, 11mm width, 7mm depth
  • Weight: 5.8g 
  • Quality: Gemmy A Grade
  • Hardness: 6-7
  • Natural, free of dyes or enhancements, untreated.
  • You'll receive the crystal specimen shown here in the photos.
  • Acrylic mineral display stand sold separately.


Kunzite Metaphysical Properties, Healing Benefits
Kunzite is the crystal of love, joy, kindness and serenity, it opens the heart to the vibrations of love. Kunzite's gentle energy can help ease stress and anxiety, a powerful healer of the emotional body. Kunzite is one of the best stones to give as a gift, adding joy and optimism to one's life. Kunzite is excellent for mediation and harmonizes well with Moldavite, Morganite, Rose Quartz and Pink Tourmaline.

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