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Tumbled Sumatra Blue Amber From Indonesia

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Tumbled Sumatra Blue Amber from Sumatra, Indonesia. Amber is the fossilized resin of extinct coniferous trees and has been used since the Paleolithic era as a gem material. Sumatra Amber is dated to be approximately 15-20 million years old. Sumatra Amber varies in color but is often a dark cognac color, it also has the unique ability to fluoresce. In incandescent light this Amber displays a reddish hue but in UV light Sumatra Amber fluoresces blue. In some of the most gemmy Sumatra Amber, a blue glow or sheen is visible in UV light. This, along with its ability to fluoresce blue, is how Sumatra Amber became known as Sumatra 'Blue' Amber.

A study of Blue Amber concluded this Amber resin originated from an extinct prehistoric tree species, the Hymenaea Protera. Blue Amber has only been discovered in three locations in the world. The most well-known being the Dominican Republic Blue Amber, Mexican Blue Amber from Chiapas and this small deposit in Sumatra Indonesia. Local villagers in Sumatra collect and sort the Amber for selling, allowing them to make a living and support the village.

When choosing your Amber, please select if you prefer pieces that are mostly dark cognac or pieces with a mix of dark cognac with creamy-tan. Then we can select our best pieces for you based on your preference.

  • Stone: Sumatra Blue Amber
  • Origin: Sumatra Indonesia
  • Size: 25-30mm length (about 1" size)
  • Weight: 6-7g
  • Natural, free of dyes or enhancements.
  • You'll receive an Amber specimen similar to the specimens shown in photos. 


Amber Metaphysical Benefits

Amber has a solar influence. As a fossil resin, Amber once flowed as sap within the coniferous trees of ancient forests. This liquid gold was the lifeblood of these trees, as it carried the nutrients converted from sunlight into tangible energy and food. Amber is literally a product of the sun's rays, as close to solidified sunlight as one can get. Amber has been worn to draw the blessings of the solar goddess so that her protective gaze will ensure a happy and fruitful life. Amber has a warming quality, it's bright cheery disposition can break up stagnant cycles, purify your energy field and uplift heavy emotions. Amber enhances and magnifies your natural beauty. Wearing Amber boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence, which naturally makes you more attractive. Amber can be used to attract good fortune, love, success, financial wealth and abundance.

Scientifically, it's also been discovered that Amber contains magnetic energy and can generate an electrical charge. Amber in Greek is elektron, from which the modern word electricity is derived.


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