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Zebra Rock from Kununurra *RESERVED for Michael*

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Zebra Rock (Kimberley Zebra Rock) is a naturally occurring siltstone, found only one place in the world, a remote area in The Kimberley district of Australia. This distinctive siltstone formed during the late Precambrian period, 670 million years ago. Zebra Rock was named for its animal print reddish-brown banded and spotted patterns. 

  • Mineral: Zebra Rock (Kimberley)
  • Origin: Kununurra, The Kimberley, Australia
  • Quality: A-grade
  • Size: 100mm length
  • Weight: 546g
  • Natural, free of dyes or enhancements.
  • You'll receive the specimen shown in photos.

More about Zebra rock
The deposits of Zebra Rock formed as lenses and seams near the Ord River, within the Johnny Cake Shale Member of the Ranford Formation. The unusual siltstone is composed of fine-grained silica quartz, sericite (fine white mica), kaolinite clay, dickite and alunite. The distinctive patterns are believed to have formed from iron-rich hematite bands as fluid moved through the host sedimentary minerals. Although how exactly the banding occurred with such perfection and separation of the dark iron and the light silica (quartz) remains a mystery.

Kimberley Zebra Rock should not be confused with any other minerals of similar names found elsewhere in the world. The Kimberley Zebra Rock is not related to zebra onyx, zebra jasper or any other "zebra stones". The Kununurra Zebra Rock deposit is the only locality ever discovered.

Zebra Rock Metaphysical Benefits

Kimberley Zebra Rock is an ancient stone of protection, strength and wisdom, connecting and aligning ones energy with Mother Earth. Rich in fine clay minerals combined with Quartz, Zebra Rock is an energy filter and purifying stone. Cleansing and renewing ones energy, while clearing and releasing negative energy. Zebra Rock is a supportive stone, promoting comfort, restoration and emotional balance. Especially grounding for those experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. Assists in balancing the masculine and feminine energy. Zebra Rock is used in meditation to unblock and open the lower Chakras, allowing one to deepen their connection with Earth's ancient energy.

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