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Pink Agate Petrified Wood Limb Cast, Prineville, Oregon, USA 71g

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Premium petrified wood and pink agate limb cast display piece. Limb casts occur when a portion of the tree branch or trunk is preserved in the fossilization process. The organic material of the fossilized wood is slowly replaced by minerals, often quartz chalcedony or agate, preserving the structure of the wood as it crystallizes into stone. This petrified wood limb cast has been replaced by translucent blush pink quartz chalcedony, it's an exceptionally well-preserved piece, showcasing the natural beauty of both the original wood structure and the pink chalcedony mineralization process. These specimens are valued for their aesthetic appeal and geological significance, often sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of both fossils and minerals. This small cabinet piece is from my personal collection.

  • Mineral: Pink Agate Petrified Wood Limb Cast
  • Locality: Old Pink Limb Cast Site, Prineville, Oregon, USA
  • Size category: Small cabinet
  • Size: 72 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 71g
  • Natural, unheated, untreated.
  • Includes mineral ID label.

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