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Mundrabilla Meteorite from Nullabor Plain, Western Australia, 16.4g

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Mundrabilla Iron Meteorite from the Nullabor Plain, Western Australia.

This Mundrabilla meteorite individual has an interesting sculptural shape. Includes specimen ID card and cotton gift box. 

Mundrabilla meteorites have been a favorite of meteorite collectors, valued for their aesthetic sculptural shapes and rich bronze desert patina. 

  • Specimen Name: Mundrabilla
  • Classification: Iron, IAB Ungrouped, Medium Octahedrite
  • Place of Fall/Find: Nullabor Plain, Western Australia
  • Year Found: 1911
  • Weight in Grams: 16.4g
  • Size: 32mm x 17mm
  • Includes 2x3" Cotton Gift Box and Specimen ID card
  • Total Known Weight: 24 tons
  • You'll receive the Meteorite specimen shown in the photos.


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